About - Gary Chen


Photography has been a long-term passion of mine. Ever since I got my first digital camera in high school, I have been addicted to taking pictures. It has been an on-and-off affair: there have been times of excitement after seeing certain types of photography in magazine or on the Internet. There have also been long breaks because life has been so wonderful that taking pictures became secondary, tertiary… I setup this website in 2008 to manage my growing obsession with photography. Not wanting to be like everyone else – I.e., posting photos on facebook, Google+ , instagram, etc -- I felt I needed my personal web presence. After 10 hours of coding, garychen.ca was born. (Visit my original website in html.) However, in recent years I have found that my amateur programming ability simply cannot keep up with the new CSS and html codes necessary for showcasing photographs with the 'wow' factor. In 2015, I decided to host my photos with SmugMug, allowing me to focus my energy on the hobby I am most passionate about. The majority of the photos here are taken with my cameras. The arsenal includes a few old-school film cameras passed onto me from (older) friends and relatives, and my first DSLR: Nikon D80. I have been shooting with the 18-55mm kit lens and the 35mm f1.8 prime lens. For a very brief period in 2017 I had a new Nikon D7200 with a nice 18-200mm lens which were lost after being out one day. I must have forgotten to lock my car. Anyway, I have now also grown to enjoy taking photos with the new iPhone 8. But ever once in a while, I enjoy holding the DSLR; to me the sensation of holding a camera with two hands and looking with one eye through the viewfinder is what photography is all about.

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